Sony hired Cake PR for consumer electronic account in UK Oct11


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Sony hired Cake PR for consumer electronic account in UK

Sony has appointed Cake PR to conduct PR and social media activities for its consumer electronics division in the UK.

The £300,000 contract was assigned to Cake PR and it was separated into three relevant areas including social media, experiential and a press office PR. Three different pitches were ran by Sony but Cake won all three.

The agency will work closely with Sony UK on developing and implementing creative consumer PR strategies to promote new and existing Sony products in UK, and handle the brand’s daily press office.

The account was previously held by three-year incumbent Beige, which declined to repitch.

Michele Charles, head of PR for Cake stated: ‘We’re going to come up with campaigns that really surprise and inspire both its current fans and future customers.’

This is the first time Sony has hired an agency to conduct its social media campaigns. It has charged Cake with developing an overarching engagement strategy for the brand online as well as managing all of its social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.